UpperSki™ is a tour operator created and run by people like you: folks that love and respect the many pleasures & challenges the mountains hold for us. UpperSki™ staff live in these majestic mountains virtually all year round and want to share their experiences with you. Our commitment at UpperSki™ is to guide and provide you with quality access to the highest level of emotional and physical exhilaration these great wonders of nature possess.

We’ll guide you between emotions and exciting experiences

  • Carlo De Pace

    Carlo De Pace

    Passion and enthusiasm are the keywords of Upperski project: mountains such as a way of life. Carlo, an architect who devotes himself to the mountain, last year had an amazing idea: a personal tour on the most beautiful and suggestive places in Dolomiti mountains. He (and his family) lived mountain life since was a child, and spent a lot of time with his wife in Cortina d’Ampezzo, one of the most popular places of Italian Dolomities. Carlo thinks to Upperski such as an amazing experience that is so different from other mountain tours, because you can have a personal Ski Instructor, not only a tourist guide for all the time of your holiday.

  • Giovanni Cazzarolli

    Giovanni Cazzarolli

    Giovanni was born in Verona, where he is still living, but since he was a child he loved a lot the mountain and in particular skiing. He started skiing when he was only 4 years old, and into the course of the time he converted his passion in a work, so today he is an excellent Ski Instructor. He cultivated his interests such as sail boat – he is a skilled sailor – and he is a mountain bike’s teacher too; he speaks fluently three languages, Italian, English and French. He is skilled, expert, certified; the main goal of his work is not only skiing, but also to spread passion, to move people and to get the adrenalin flowing that only the mountain can offer.

  • Luigi Carini

    Luigi Carini

    Luigi was born in 1967 and since he was a child he went in Cortina d’Ampezzo, a typical and famous place in the Dolomiti mountains, with his family. One of the most popular places that Luigi loves is Sella Ronda, a ski area in the Dolomiti. He is an excellent skier and a professional certified Ski Instructor. He worked all over the world and in most popular mountains locations, such as Valle d’Aosta and Val Gardena in Italy and the Mount Dobson, Canterbury, in New Zeland. He fluently speaks English, and in 2002 he became a Ski Instructor. Since 2013 he is a member of Collegio Veneto Maestri di Sci.

  • Valentina Lambrini

    Valentina Lambrini

    Valentina shares with Carlo the love for the mountain and winter sports. This is the reason why she decided to create with Carlo Upperski, the first Dolomiti’s tour with Ski Instructor that can be one of the most particular and amazing experience in your life. Valentina helps to organize a personal journey for you and your family, she plans your accommodation and your itinerary with Luigi and Giovanni’s knowledges and your preferences. She spent a lot of her time in the Dolomiti’s mountains, so she knows very well where you can go to have an incredible and extraordinary holiday.